MAMI Year Round Programme

Welcome to our Year Round Programme (YRP), a series of year-round activities that keep you connected with all things cinema. MAMI Members, a large community of cinephiles, aspiring and working filmmakers, technicians, and new audiences interested in films from around the world, can access the programme that is focused on building cinema watching communities.

We invite our members to watch, discuss, and connect over films from across the world and from the MAMI archives.

We also curate specially designed programmes throughout the year designed to enhance awareness and conversations around cinema from South Asia and across the world


The Rashid Irani Young Critics Lab (YCL) is a special program created by MAMI to nurture young writers of cinema. Our endeavor is to guide young minds towards perceiving films as mirrors reflecting societal nuances, aspirations, and dilemmas. The aim is to provide the YCL cohort from all over India with tools and access to the films, so they can write and talk about cinema in a way that's meaningful and insightful. We want to support young voices today, so they can become the film critics of tomorrow. We want to help them shape the future of how people think and talk about films.

About Rashid Irani

Rashid Irani (1942 - 2021) was a prominent Indian film critic, journalist, and author, known for his insightful analysis of Indian and international cinema. Rashid’s journey into the world of film criticism began in the 1960s when he started writing for various publications.

Rashid’s writing style was characterized by its depth, clarity, and passion for cinema. He had an innate ability to dissect films, unravel their layers, and articulate his thoughts in a manner that resonated with both cinephiles and casual moviegoers alike. His reviews were not only informative but also engaging, often delving into the socio-cultural context of the films.

Part of the legend of Rashid Irani lies in that he lived for cinema. Over the years, he became one of the most respected voices in Indian film criticism. He was a pillar of the Mumbai Press Club Film Society and his work appeared in publications such as Hindustan Times, The Times of India and He was a pioneer of writing about international cinema for Indian audiences.

Rashid’s influence extended beyond print media, shaping discussions at film festivals and in academia. He took active part in various film festivals nationwide, serving on the selection committee for international cinema at MAMI Mumbai Film Festival from 2009-2019. He also mentored and inspired new generations of cinephiles and filmmakers through lectures and workshops. The world bid farewell to Rashid Irani in 2021 but his legacy continues to inspire aspiring critics and filmmakers.

Who Is It For

The Rashid Irani Young Critics Lab is an inclusive program designed for individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 who have a passion for writing on and about cinema and who aspire to pursue careers in film criticism or writing for films. This opportunity is open to a wide range of participants, including students, working professionals, and anyone who loves cinema and wants to develop their skills in film analysis and writing. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join us in exploring the world of cinema and honing their ‘critiquing’ voices.

Rules & Regulations

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