MAMI Year Round Programme

Welcome to our Year Round Programme (YRP), a series of year-round activities that keep you connected with all things cinema. MAMI Members, a large community of cinephiles, aspiring and working filmmakers, technicians, and new audiences interested in films from around the world, can access the programme that is focused on building cinema watching communities.

We invite our members to watch, discuss, and connect over films from across the world and from the MAMI archives.

We also curate specially designed programmes throughout the year designed to enhance awareness and conversations around cinema from South Asia and across the world


Word to Screen Market is a platform that brings together the publishing and film industries to explore collaborations on cinematic adaptations.

The Market promotes dialogue, idea exchange and business conversations, enabling literary works - published fiction and non-fiction - from across languages and categories to be cinematically realised as films, web series and other forms of audio-visual creations.

This year Word to Screen Market is accepting submissions of books and articles written by South Asian and South Asian diaspora authors as well as works on South Asian themes.

Please read the Rules & Regulations and FAQs before beginning the submission process. This year we’ve also added a Pitch Guide to assist you in writing about your book/magazine article. We strongly recommend you read this document before filling in the application form.

Who Is It For

Word to Screen Market is open to publishers, authors, producers, production houses, commissioning editors, showrunners, development personnel from studios and production houses, filmmakers, screenwriters and other stakeholders.

Rules & Regulations 2024

Please view and download the Rules & Regulations by clicking on the View & Download Button.