MAMI Year Round Programme

Welcome to our Year Round Programme (YRP), a series of year-round activities that keep you connected with all things cinema. MAMI Members, a large community of cinephiles, aspiring and working filmmakers, technicians, and new audiences interested in films from around the world, can access the programme that is focused on building cinema watching communities.

We invite our members to watch, discuss, and connect over films from across the world and from the MAMI archives.

We also curate specially designed programmes throughout the year designed to enhance awareness and conversations around cinema from South Asia and across the world


MAMI Books on Cinema is a platform devoted to celebrating some of the finest written works on cinema in recent years. We celebrate nuanced and imaginative film writing, and unique perspectives on cinema.

MAMI Books on Cinema aims to cultivate an appreciation for chronicling cinematic history and exploring its profound impact. By integrating historical context, these books serve as a platform for authors and cinephiles to encapsulate the essence of cinema and ensure its enduring legacy.

Whether your work delves into the lives of legendary filmmakers, gives perspective in a work of non-fiction, presents insightful analysis, or even takes the form of a visually stunning graphic novel, we eagerly welcome your contribution. Our commitment to diverse experiences and perspectives underscores the vital role of literature in shaping cinematic discourse.

Winner 2023
The Mahatma on Celluloid: A Cinematic Biography - Prakash Magdum

Shortlist 2023
Pure Evil: The Bad Men of Bollywood - Balaji Vittal
Parveen Babi: A Life - Karishma Upadhyay
Kishore Kumar: The Ultimate Biography - Anirudha Bhattacharjee and Parthiv Dhar
Pre-Partition Punjab's Contribution to Indian Cinema - Ishtiaq Ahmed
Balancing the Wisdom Tree: Anthology of FTII's Women Alumni - Roma Chatterjee
Shadow Craft: Visual Aesthetics of Black and White Hindi Cinema - Gayathri Prabhu and Nikhil Govind

Join us in celebrating cinema's beauty, diversity, and cultural significance through the written word.

Rules & Regulations

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