MAMI Year Round Programme

Welcome to our Year Round Programme (YRP), a series of year-round activities that keep you connected with all things cinema. MAMI Members, a large community of cinephiles, aspiring and working filmmakers, technicians, and new audiences interested in films from around the world, can access the programme that is focused on building cinema watching communities.

We invite our members to watch, discuss, and connect over films from across the world and from the MAMI archives.

We also curate specially designed programmes throughout the year designed to enhance awareness and conversations around cinema from South Asia and across the world


The Colorists Workshop is a free training and skill development program dedicated to supporting and recognizing colorists. The workshop offers online masterclasses with leading color grading professionals from India and across the globe as well as an in-person shadowing experience.

In it’s second edition, the focus this year is aspiring women colorists in India.

This initiative is supported by FilmLight and Film Independent's Global Media Makers, in collaboration with Bridge PostWorks, MAMI Year Round Programme, IWCC (Indian Women Cinematographer Collective), and Aside Media.

What is good color grading? How can you tell a story through color? How does color define the mood of your narrative? The workshop will address all these questions and more.

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