Jio MAMI Year Round Programme

Welcome to our Year Round Programme (YRP), a series of year-round activities that keep you connected with all things cinema. The Jio MAMI Members, a huge community of cinephiles, aspiring and working filmmakers, technicians, and new audiences interested in films from around the world, can access the programme that is focused on building cinema watching communities.

We invite our members to watch, discuss, and connect over films from across the world and from the Jio MAMI archives.

We will also be bringing in specially designed programmes throughout the year that are designed to enhance awareness and conversations around cinema from South Asia and across the world


This year, we are introducing the Jio MAMI YRPpro, a part of the YRP vision that focuses on programmes and initiatives that are designed to enable aspiring as well as practising film professionals from across South Asia to hone their skills and acquaint themselves with best practices. This will be achieved through thoughtfully designed workshops, seminars, interactive sessions, conversations, round tables, labs, and residencies with mentors and speakers from across the world.

YRPpro will give participants experience in various aspects of the art and business of filmmaking. Our programme has something for basic as well as advanced levels, whether you are an aspirant looking to learn the basics or an experienced professional looking to expand your skills. Our aim is to extend our outreach to different parts of India, giving film professionals exposure that leads to ease of creation and business.

Join us for an exciting journey of discovery and skill development. Let us help you connect with the best in the industry and take your passion for cinema to the next level.

Rashid Irani Young Critics Lab

The Rashid Irani Young Critics Lab (YCL) is a special program created by Jio MAMI to nurture young writers within the realm of cinema. We believe that exceptional cinema blossoms through the cultivation of refined tastes and a deep-seated awareness of one's surroundings. Our endeavor is to guide these young minds towards perceiving films as mirrors reflecting societal nuances, aspirations, and dilemmas. The aim is to provide these young minds from all over India with the tools and easy access to the best films, so they can write and talk about cinema in a way that's meaningful and insightful. We want to support these young voices today, so they can become the film critics of tomorrow. We want to help them shape the future of how people think and talk about movies.

Who Is It For

The Rashid Irani Young Critics Lab is an inclusive program designed for individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 who have a passion for writing on and about cinema and who aspire to pursue careers in film criticism or writing for films. This opportunity is open to a wide range of participants, including students, working professionals, and anyone who loves cinema and wants to develop their skills in film analysis and writing. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to join us in exploring the world of cinema and honing their ‘critiquing’ voices.

Rules & Regulations

Please view and download the Rules and Regulations by clicking on the View & Download Button.