Word to Screen Market


Rules & Regulations

Please read the rules and regulations carefully before sending in your submissions.

  • 1 – Description

    The Mumbai Film Festival is committed to promoting and furthering the cause of the written word. Word to Screen is our new initiative, through which the festival creates a platform where books can be adapted for screen.

    Authors, book publishers, literary and film agents etc. who hold the audio visual adaptation rights of a book / manuscript can submit their entries to Word to Screen. Shortlisted books / manuscripts will participate and pitch the optioning rights of the book to content creators. The participating content creators will include renowned film studios, production houses and individual film, television and digital producers who are looking to adapt the book to an audio visual format.

  • 2 – General Criteria
    1. Entries can be a work of fiction or nonfiction.

    2. Entries are open for works of book-length fiction & non-fiction as well as short fiction and non-fiction.

    3. Word to Screen is also open to works in progress that will be published before 31st December, 2018 provided they have a finished manuscript that can be submitted.

    4. E-books are eligible for Word to Screen.

    5. Applicants while sending in their entries must consider entries that will be of interest and relevance to the Indian market.

    6. The work should have audio visual rights (motion picture, television, web,digital etc.) which are available for optioning.

    7. One author / Publisher / Agent can submit more than one entry.

    8. The applicant must be of 18 years and above as on the date of submission.

  • 3 - Deadline

    The last date for entries is 10th May 2018 and submissions sent after the deadline will not be considered.

  • 4 - Language

    The language for submission are- Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

  • 5 - Submission Procedure

    Please download, fill & e-mail the entry form to: wordtoscreen@mumbaifilmfest.com

  • 6 - Audio Visual Adaptation Rights

    The Participant undertakes to the Organiser i.e. MAMI that they own the audio visual adaptation rights to the book submitted or at least hold the authorizations necessary to represent the book at the Market.

  • 7 - Jury

    The festival appoints juries consisting of renowned personalities from the world of Cinema and Literature to judge this section.

  • 8 - Intellectual property rights

    TThe Participant confirms to the Organiser that they own all intellectual property rights to the book submitted or that it holds the authorizations necessary to participate in the Market.

    The Organisers may request the participant to provide documents to affirm their copyrights.

  • 9 - Confidentiality

    The Organisers guarantee that the submitted document will not be shared with anyone but the jurors and content producers. Every measure will be taken to guard the interest of the participant. However once the pitch had been presented, the festival will no longer be held responsible for any infringement of rights.

  • 10 - Documentation and Festival Catalogue

    The festival extensively documents each book that is submitted and therefore it is very important that detailed information on each book is submitted. This information includes synopsis, high resolution pictures of the cover and a high resolution still of the author. The festival reserves the right to use this information for the purposes of publicity, use in festival catalogue and information dissemination.

  • 11 - Official Festival Logo and Publicity

    All selected books will receive a digital logo of the festival and laurel which has to be used for further publicity.

  • 12 - Governing law and jurisdiction

    The Festival Director reserves the right to settle all cases not covered by the guidelines and to grant exceptions in special cases. All cases will be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of India and settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Mumbai.

  • 13 - Compliance with Laws

    The Participant shall comply with all laws relevant to its rights and obligations under these Rules and Regulations.

    Bribery and any other form of unethical business practice are prohibited in relation to the event. All business transactions in relation to the event shall be accurately and completely recorded in accordance with applicable laws. The Participant shall not in connection with the event accept gifts or inducements of any kind nor give or offer to give any person, an inducement or gift of any kind that could be perceived by others to be a bribe.