Programme 2018

Pixote, Survival of the Weakest (Pixote, a Lei do Mais Fraco)

Director: Héctor Babenco


Asia Premiere

Section: Restored Classics

Country: Brazil | Year: 1985

Language(s): Portuguese | Time: 125 mins


Pixote is one of three million cast-ochildren who is forced to survive unspeakable squalor by unspeakable means. He and his three friends escape to Rio, where they take up with Sueli, a prostitute whose customers are captive prey for the boys who rob them at gunpoint. In a pitiable caricature of family life, Sueli and the boys lead acontinually dehumanising existence. The leader of the little gang is Lilica, a 17-year- old homosexual fearful of reaching his 18th birthday, since children under 18 are protected from prosecution for crime by Brazilian law.

Director's Bio

Héctor Eduardo Babenco was a Brazilian filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and actor. He worked in several countries including Argentina, Brazil, the United States and is known for his socially conscious films that examine the lives of those on the margins of society.