Programme 2018

Hyenas (Hyènes)

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty


Asia Premiere

Section: Restored Classics

Country: Switzerland, France, Senegal | Year: 1992

Language(s): Wolof | Time: 110 mins


In Colobane, people expect the return of Linguère Ramatou, a former local girl now rumoured to be richer than the World Bank. But her generosity has its conditions: she offers a check of 10 billion for the death of Dramaan Drameh who refused to admit that he was the father of her child 30 years ago. “Life made me a whore, now I’m turning the world into a brothel,” she tells the citizens of Colobane.

Director's Bio

Djibril Diop Mambéty was a Senegalese film director, actor, orator, composer, and poet. Though he made only two feature films and five short films, they received international acclaim for their original and experimental cinematic technique and non-linear, unconventional narrative style.