Programme 2018


Director: Priya Ramasubban


India Premiere

Section: Half Ticket

Country: India | Year: 2018

Language(s): Ladakhi | Time: 90 mins


Sprightly Chuskit’s dream of going to school is cut short when she is rendered a paraplegic after an accident. She’s confined to life indoors in the company of her strict grandfather, Dorje. Chuskit continues to harbor hopes of school but Dorje tries to make her understand that school can’t handle her needs. As life at home gets harder forChuskit, she fights more fiercely and as a result comes dangerously close to being sent to a nunnery. Seeing that she could loose her family, Chuskit decides to give up and accept her fate. Witnessing Chuskit become a pale shadow of herself, Dorje realizes that she is just like him -- wanting nothing more than leading a full life surrounded by family. He becomes her ally and the two hatch a plan to bring the village together and help her get to school.

Director's Bio

Priya Ramasubban has, over the last 15 years, made films for National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, and other major international broadcasters. She has written and directed Lost Kings of Israel, Divine Delinquents, several episodes on the long-running series Digging for the Truth, episodes on the series Into the Unknown, episode on Monster Fish, and several others notable productions.