Programme 2018

Azougue Nazaré

Director: Tiago Melo


Section: International Competition

Country: Brazil | Year: 2018

Language(s): Portuguese | Time: 82 mins

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In a vast field, the sugarcanes dance to the wind. Pai Nani, an Afro-Brazilian spiritual leader, carries out a religious act with five caboclos de lança–costumed dancers of the Maracatu rural. As the caboclos acquire supernatural powers, they embody entities and disappear. The city of Nazaré da Mata witnesses mysterious events. Catita plays parts in the local Maracatu, but hides it from his wife Darlene, an avid follower of pastor Barachinha, a former Maracatu master who is now on a mission to cast the devil out of the Maracatu. Sister Darlene discovers that Catita is involved with Maracatu and compels him to meet the pastor and convert him to Evangelicalism.

Director's Bio

Tiago Melo was born in Recife in 1984. He’s worked in several short films and more than 20 feature films. He’s worked as a producer on such noteworthy films as Heartless (2014), which won the Illy Prize for Best Short Film at Cannes Film Festival; Neon Bull (2015) that won festival awards in Venice, Toronto, Hamburg, Warsaw, and Rio de Janeiro; and Aquarius (2016), which premiered in Cannes Film Festival’s official selection and was awarded in up to 20 festivals.

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