Programme 2017

Lies We Tell

Director: Mitu Misra

fiction | Section: World Cinema

Country: UK | Year: 2017

Language/s: English | Time: 109 mins


When his billionaire boss, DEMI, dies, DONALD (50s), Mr Normal, is tasked with destroying evidence of his enigmatic mistress: AMBER (26). Despite keeping Amber at arm’s length, Donald has to collude with her to delete a sexy video that would implicate Demi and mean certain death for Amber. His journey leads him to KD (27), Amber’s gangster cousin who she was forced to marry at 16 but lied to get a divorce after he raped her on their wedding night. Qualified as a lawyer, Amber is set to escape to London when the bombshell hits: KD is to marry her naive 16 year-old sister, MIRIAM. Nursing his own tragic past, Donald is compelled to help Amber, and is dragged deeper into a world of hypocrisy, betrayal and ultimately murder, leaving an honest man broken. Donald snaps!

Director's Bio

Born in India 1960 & came to England a year later. I grew up facing the problems that many immigrants have faced, my only escape was Cinema, for which I would beg, borrow and steal for a ticket. My father died when I was 16, the ‘Indian Philosophy' was to educate yourself out of poverty. Eventually, I graduated and started a company which grew in five years from zero to $150,000,000. I employed many Muslims and there was great camaraderie between all races, until ‘9/11’ hit the world. I felt a powerful force around my Pakistani friends that suddenly divided Muslim and non-Muslim souls and that inspired me to write. I had never even seen a screenplay before, but embarked on a learning process and developed the story over ten years. Although I was prepared to finance the film, I had no intention of directing. After attempting and failing to find a suitable director, Mani Ratnam introduced me to Santosh Sivan, India’s most prominent DOP and an experienced Director. Santosh read the script and insisted that I must direct it, even though he knew I had never even been on a set before. His view being that if I had spent 10 years developing and writing the story, I was the only one who could capture the nuances. I repeatedly refused, but he assured me that he would stand with me all the way... which he did.