Programme 2020

Desire (Abharkha)

Director: Himadri Parmar


Section: India Story

Country: India | Year: 2020

Language(s): Gujarati | Time: 94 mins


‘Abharkha’ literally translates to desire; a strong feeling of wanting to have something. The story travels through the journey of two characters Milan and Mira, wherein we find childish affection, the needs of a capitalist village and a woman’s stoic resilience and grit. Milan is a quiet and aloof child who shares a unique bond with his mother and a blind teacher, Girish Sir at school. They guide him through life in their own simple ways. Mira’s story of resilience captures her personal and professional battles as she holds on stoically through her journey in an isolated marriage. The story is a tapestry of small moments of smiles, hidden anguish, cries and whispers of Milan’s constant struggle and of Mira’s hope. It succeeds and fails, but eventually lies in the moments in between.