Programme 2019

Our Time Is Running Out (Waq’tna Yamdi)

Director: Meriem Mesraoua


Asia Premiere

Section: Special Presentation : Qatar-India 2019 Year of Culture

Country: Qatar | Year: 2017

Language(s): Arabic | Time: 14 mins


In an alternate universe, a society of children lives according to strict and absolute rules. Every day, there are lessons and tasks – and every day, there is trepidation, because any deviation from the norm means eternal banishment. When one youngster wakes to find himself changed, he makes a desperate attempt to cling to the familiar.

Director's Bio

Meriem Mesraoua has professional experience at Miramax, New York Women In Film and Television, film sets and festivals, among others. After completing the short films Coucou (2009) and Our Time Is Running Out (2017), she has been working on a new short and developing her first feature-length project, The Other Wife.