Programme 2019

Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim (Ali Mizah wa Ibrahim)

Director: Sherif El Bendary


Section: Special Presentation: Egyptian Cinema

Country: Egypt, Qatar, France, UAE, Germany | Year: 2016

Language(s): Arabic | Time: 97 mins


This is the strange love story of a young man, Ali, living in a rough neighbourhood. On the recommendation of a psychic, he travels across Egypt with Ibrahim, notoriously known for hearing voices. Their journey turns into a voyage of friendship and self- discovery.

Director's Bio

Sherif Elbendary broke into filmmaking through a number of short films and documentaries, most notably his first short film Rise and Shine (2006) which won several awards and was officially selected in numerous local and international film festivals. Two Rooms and a Living Room is Elbendary’s next awaited project.