Programme 2019


Director: Amir Mashhadi Abbas


India Premiere

Section: Half Ticket

Country: Iran | Year: 2018

Language(s): Farsi | Time: 78 mins


Ten-year-old Gholamreza, who lives in a village in northern Iran, needs a bicycle to win a bicycle race and pay off his father´s debt. To get money for the new bicycle, he notices a prize for teaching an illiterate person how to read and write. But there aren’t any illiterate people in the village except a 90-year-old bad tempered woman who does not want to learn anything.


Director's Bio

Amir Mashhadi Abbas is an Iranian filmmaker, involved in film and theater since his childhood. At 16, he was the youngest director in the Iranian performing arts center and received great acclaim for his work in drama. He has made live-action films, documentaries and TV series.