Programme 2019

Vividh Bharti Ft. Rashtravaad & a Few Mobile Recordings

Director: Aryan Singh


World Premiere

Section: Dimensions Mumbai

Country: India | Year: 2019

Language(s): Hindi, Kashmiri | Time: 5 mins


Inspired by true incidents, the film follows a mob led by a right-wing student activist, Mayur Sinha, as they look for a Kashmiri student in a hostel. He has allegedly posted something on Facebook that has triggered outrage. But the situation, as it turns out, is much more complex.

Director's Bio

Aryan Singh is studying film direction at Whistling Woods International. He is from Dehradun, where he made a few short films shot on camera phones, and started a wave of mobile filmmaking among young local filmmakers. He enjoys telling stories that reflect the times we live in today.