Programme 2019

Oh That's Bhanu

Director: R.V. Ramani


World Premiere

Section: Spotlight

Country: India | Year: 2019

Language(s): English, Malayalam, Hindi | Time: 112 mins


Bhanumathi Rao, an elegant and witty woman, whose hearing and memory doesn't usually stand up, has led an enigmatic, passionate, yet a simple and pragmatic life.

In her younger days, she was a dancer and a theatre actor. Today, in her mid-nineties, she lives with her two daughters. This is a journey of life and performance, through the spasms of memory, arriving at a reflection of what could constitute a beautiful mind.

Director's Bio

R.V. Ramani worked as a photojournalist in Mumbai before he studied filmmaking at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, with a specialization in Cinematography. With over 25 independent films to his credit since, he has established a unique style of his own, making impressionistic personal documentaries. He won the Best Long Documentary Award (National Competition) for his earlier film, Santhal Family to Mill Re-call (2018) at the Mumbai International Film Festival.