Programme 2018

Life of an Outcast

Director: Pawan K Shrivastava


Section: India Story

Country: India | Year: 2018

Language(s): Hindi | Time: 80 mins


Life of an Outcast tries to capture the caste oppression faced by an Outcast family in last three decades. A family is thrown out of the village as the bride refuses to sleep with the landlord on her first wedding night. Their struggle doesn't end , his son is denied from attending the English class because of being a Dalit. When his son grows up and becomes a Mathematics teacher, the upper caste villagers couldn't digest this and got him arrested in the name of hurting their religious sentiments. The protagonist is struggles to earn a sum of money to get his son bailed out as the movie progress'.

Director's Bio

Pawan K. Shrivastava was born in Bihar’s Chhapra district in 1982. He has directed two documentaries, two short films, one feature film, and written and directed more than 200 street plays. His first film, Naya Pata (2014), made on a budget of Rs 8 lakhs, was crowdfunded. In 2012, The Telegraph selected him as one of the 13 young innovators from Bihar.     

Watch the trailer here: