Programme 2017

Wolf of Chawl Street

Director: Pranav Bhasin

fiction | Section: Dimensions Mumbai

Country: India | Year: 2017

Language/s: Hindi, English | Time: 5 mins


Shot in the style of a mockumentary, this is the story of a painter who ends up becoming “Nagpada ka Baadshah”, courtesy a little artistic vandalism.

Director's Note

What started out as a session of random scribbling became this satirical piece that comments on the artists rising from the slum areas of Mumbai.  The ideas was to make the milieu believable. After about 2 weeks of pre-production, the team was shooting in the dingiest corners of Mumbai, with a GoPro and a mirrorless in hand at all times. We ensured the locals weren't disturbed. The 4-day schedule was laid over a course of 2 months, depending more on the availability of the crew than the cast.


Director's Bio

Pranav Bhasin is an aspiring filmmaker and also interested in other aspects of cinema, like cinematography, editing and acting. His previous work includes the short film Silly Sheep and the web series, The Insiders.