Programme 2019


Director: Sumitra Bhave


India Premiere

Section: Marathi Talkies

Country: India | Year: 2019

Language(s): Marathi | Time: 89 mins


Ramji, an ironsmith from a small village, is a devotee of the god Vitthal. For years he has followed the Waarkari tradition of going on a pilgrimage with thousands of other devotees. When his only son drowns in a flooding river, Ramji’s world comes crashing down and he is filled with sorrow and anger at his god. 

Director's Bio

Sumitra Bhave, a teacher, author, social scientist, and researcher, turned to filmmaking to better communicate with women in India. With frequent collaborator and co-director, Sunil Sukthankar, she has directed 19 feature films, over 70 short films, three TV series and five telefilms, all of which were written by her. Their films have received six international awards, 11 Indian awards—including the National Award for Best Feature Film for Kaasav (2016)—and more than 45 state awards.