Programme 2019


Director: Jonathan Desoindre, in collaboration with Ella Kowalska


India Premiere

Section: Discovering India

Country: France | Year: 2019

Language(s): French | Time: 104 mins


Sun, a 30-year-old delivery man, lives a frantic life in modern Paris. This precarious but happy balance is jeopardised when his Indian cousin arrives in France to pursue his dream: playing sitar at the Olympia.

Director's Bio

Jonathan Desoindre, graduated in philosophy at Sorbonne, and was initially an independent journalist before joining La Fe?mis in 2009. Ella Kowalska holds a master’s degree in History of Heritage at Sorbonne, and a master's degree in Law at Paris Sud University. Both Desoindre and Kowalska have been working together for over 10 years now. Before directing Sun, they have directed many short films together.