Programme 2018

Veilleurs d'Images (Image Guardians)

Director: Uriel Orlow


Section: The New Medium III: Multi-screen Cinema

Country: France | Year: 2017

Language(s): English | Time: 14 mins


Veilleurs d’Images interweaves the story of a prisoner in a high security facility near Paris hired by The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations to digitize a collection of stereoscopic images, dating from 1904 to 1939, with that of their photographer, Mr. Kostioukovsky, a Cossack in the Tsarist Army who left Russia for Paris before the Revolution, and subsequently travelled through Europe. In Uriel Orlow’s narration, the photos are no longer only those of Mr. Kostiukovsky but also those of the prisoner who became their digital guardian. While Mr. Kostiukovsky’s story and the technique he used to photograph are important to understanding the images, the process of digitization and the story of the prisoner who handles them are now part of their latent meaning.

Director's Bio

Uriel Orlow (b. 1973) lives and works in London and Lisbon. His practice is research-based, process-oriented and multi-disciplinary, including film, photography, drawing and sound. His work is concerned with residues of colonialism, blind spots of representation and forms of haunting. Orlow’s work has been presented at biennials in Sharjah, Yinchuan, Moscow and Venice. Orlow is visiting professor at the Royal College of Art, London, and reader at University of Westminster, London.