Programme 2018

S.O.S - Adoptive Dissensus

Director: Minouk Lim


Section: The New Medium III: Multi-screen Cinema

Country: South Korea | Year: 2009

Language(s): Korean | Time: 11 mins


A ferry drifts past an island on the Han River, encountering on its way a woman ecstatically declaring affection for her lover and a group of people carrying mirrors illuminated by the vessel’s searchlight. The ship’s captain, offering a tour of Seoul by night, evokes dark moments in Korean history and the country’s rapid growth and urbanisation in his meditation on memory. These seemingly unrelated events, staged by Minouk Lim, and later woven together as a triptych through video documentation, evoke irreverence and jouissance while confronting loss and erasure. 

Director's Bio

Minouk Lim (b. 1968) is an artist of many forms, Lim has been creating works that are beyond the boundary of genres and media, deepening the scope of questions while encompassing writing, music, video, installation and performance as her means of artistic expression, drawing reflections from everyday life and the discrepancies of rapid industrialisation in Korea. Her works have been shown at Portikus, Frankfurt, Walker Art Center, LACMA, Busan Biennale, and Sydney Biennial.