Programme 2018

The Cyclops Cycle

Director: Malcolm Le Grice


Section: The New Medium III: Multi-screen Cinema

Country: UK | Year: 2003

| Time: 60 mins


Made over a period of five years, The Cyclops Cycle is not a single work but a series of seven short pieces using the triptych format and exploring various structural aspects of repetition and editing. The seven sections are: Still Life and Letter from Toronto (2000); Joseph’s New Coat (1998); Jazzy – Jazzy – Jazzy (2001), influenced by Swiss psychologist Piaget and how a child constructs sensory reality; Neither Here nor There (2001), showing Afghanistan as seen on TV and the spectacle of war at a distance; Cyclops Pays the Ferryman (1998), where the cyclops is the one-eyed father, the one-eyed king, the single lens of the camera, and three screens beyond stereoscopy; Cherry (2003); and Travelling with Mark (2003).

Director's Bio

Malcolm Le Grice (b. 1940) started as a painter but began to make film and computer works in the mid 1960s. He is an artist with a filmography listing more than fifty works, as well as being an academic and an active theorist, particularly in the area of structural film. Le Grice has written critical and theoretical work including a history of experimental cinema, Abstract Film and Beyond (1977). He is a Professor Emeritus of the University of the Arts London.