Programme 2018

Terrified (Aterrados)

Director: Demian Rugna


India Premiere

Section: After Dark

Country: Argentina | Year: 2017

Language(s): Spanish | Time: 87 mins


People that disappear. Dead people who return from their graves. Voices in the water drainages. Commissioner Maza, will try to give an explanation to these events that hit a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Together with the paranormal investigators Allbreck, Jano and Rosentock, they will try to unveil the mystery before evil destroys the existence of human society as we know it.

Director's Bio

Demian Rugna born in September 1979 in Haedo, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is Director and Screenwriter specializing in fantasy and horror films. At age eight begins to create his own cartoons recreating his favorite movies. This takes him, and several years later, to study cartoon drawing. In 2003 he received as a designer in audiovisual at the University of Morón. In 2007 he directs his first feature film, based on one of his homonymous short films The Last Gateway, chosen one of the 10 best horror films of 2007 by His second film as director was Malditos Sean!, co-written and co-directed with Fabián Forte. It was commercially released in national cinemas in 2013. His third feature is a black comedy called You Do not Know Who You're Talking To (2016). His last horror movie was Landed (2017).