Programme 2018

Photo-Prem (Smile Please)

Director: Aditya Rathi, Gayatri Patil


World Premiere

Section: Marathi Talkies

Country: India | Year: 2018

Language(s): Marathi | Time: 93 mins


While attending a funeral, Sunanda, a housewife, realises that in such a situation people often look for a photo of the deceased that can be put up in remembrance. But given that she’s photophobic, she doesn’t have a good picture of her, one that can be left with people after her death. This leads her to think that, without a good picture, she might just be forgotten by the future generations, as they will not be able to relate to her. Worried, she sets out on a quest to overcome her fears and get a good picture. But will she be able to get a picture that defines her? And will people be able to relate to it?

Director's Bio

After assisting a few filmmakers, Aditya Rathi co-founded Nirmaan Studios, which produces TV commercials and corporate films. His one act play, Koti, was critically acclaimed. Gayatri Patil entered filmmaking by directing a short film, Maktub (2010). Later, she co-founded Nirmaan Studios with Rathi. Photo Prem is Rathi and Patil’s debut feature.

Watch the trailer here: