Programme 2018


Director: Bhimrao Mude


World Premiere

Section: Marathi Talkies

Country: India | Year: 2018

Language(s): Marathi | Time: 125 mins


Bardo, set in an extremely small and remote village of Dhanor, tells the story of how the dreams of villagers are realised as Ashalata, a schoolteacher, enters their lives. The two best swimmer kids in the village, Babu and Pintya, attract Ashalata’s attention, and she sees her own dreams in them. Meanwhile, Theory, an aspiring researcher and the smartest person around, gets agitated yet excited by Ashalata’s arrival and tries finding out the reason behind every move of hers.

Director's Bio

Bhimrao Mude has been working in the Marathi film industry for the last 18 years as a writer and director. He’s also directed Hindi and Marathi TV shows such as Lakshya (2015), Rudram (2017), and Phir Ye Nadaniyaan (2017), among many others. He’s also directed short films, documentaries, corporate films, and plays. Before Bardo, he directed two feature films: Davpech (2010) and Kaul Manacha (2016).