Programme 2018

A 12 Year Night (La noche de 12 años)

Director: Álvaro Brechner


India Premiere

Section: World Cinema

Country: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, France | Year: 2018

Language(s): Spanish | Time: 123 mins


In 1973, Uruguay is governed by a military dictatorship. One autumn night, three Tupamaro prisoners are taken from their jail cells in a secret military operation. The order is precise: "As we can't kill them, let's drive them mad." The three men will remain in solitary confinement for twelve years. Among them is Pepe Mujica - later to become president of Uruguay.

Director's Bio

Álvaro Brechner (born April 9, 1976 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is an Uruguayan director, writer and producer. His debut feature film, Bad Day to Go Fishing (Mal Día Para Pescar) has been exhibited in several prestigious festivals such as Critics Week of Cannes Film Festival, and his second feature Mr. Kaplan was the Uruguayan candidate for Oscar Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.