Programme 2018

Sorry to Bother You

Director: Boots Riley


India Premiere

Section: World Cinema

Country: USA | Year: 2017

Language(s): English | Time: 112 mins


Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield), a 30-something black telemarketer with self-esteem issues, discovers a magical selling power living inside of him. Suddenly he’s rising up the ranks to the elite team of his company, which sells heinous products and services. The upswing in Cassius’s career raises serious red flags with his brilliant girlfriend, Detroit (Tessa Thompson), a sign-twirling gallery artist who is secretly a part of a Banksy-style collective called Left Eye. But the unimaginable hits the fan when Cassius meets the company’s cocaine-snorting, orgy-hosting, obnoxious, and relentlessly optimistic CEO, Steve Lift (Armie Hammer).

Director's Bio

Boots Riley was born on April Fools' Day, but he is no damn fool. His drink of choice is bourbon, but he's thinking about switching to mezcal because he heard it's healthier. He studied film at San Francisco State University before ending his studies in favor of a major-label recording deal for his band, The Coup. Riley was raised—and still lives—in Oakland, California. Sorry To Bother You is his directorial debut.