Programme 2018

In My Room

Director: Ulrich Köhler


India Premiere

Section: World Cinema

Country: Germany, Italy | Year: 2018

Language(s): German, English | Time: 120 mins


Armin is getting too old for his nightlife habits and the woman he likes. He’s not really happy but can’t picture living a different life. One morning he wakes up: the world looks the same as always, but mankind has disappeared. In My Room is a film about the frightening gift of maximum freedom.

Director's Bio

Ulrich Köhler, one of Germany’s biggest contemporary filmmakers, belongs to the Berlin School collective, a new movement in German cinema that has emerged in the early 21st century. His multi-award-winning feature film debut, Bungalow (2002), premiered at the Berlinale. His second feature, Windows on Monday (2006), was shown in the Berlinale’s Forum programme. He won the Silver Berlin Bear for Sleeping Sickness at the 2011 Berlinale.