Programme 2018


Director: Alireza Motamedi


Section: International Competition

Country: Iran | Year: 2018

Language(s): Farsi | Time: 94 mins


Reza and Fati separate after nine years of marriage. According to Islamic law they have three months and ten days to revoke their divorce if they change their minds. Reza, who still loves Fati, attempts to start a new life, but Fati will not leave his life, or his mind, so easily. Reza, an author, starts writing a story about his ancestors who years ago immigrated to the historic holy city of Isfahan. That story begins with a 100-year-old man, abandoned by his family and left to die in the desert.

Director's Bio

Alireza Motamedi was born in Isfahan in 1978. A Persian literature graduate, he’s been a writer, poet, film critic, and scriptwriter for 20 years. He’s written scripts for more than 20 feature films and TV series, and Reza (2018) is his debut.