Programme 2018

Udalazham (Body Deep)

Director: Unnikrishnan Avala


Section: India Story

Country: India | Year: 2018

Language(s): Malayalam | Time: 119 mins


Gulikan, born and brought up as a boy in a tribal settlement, has the body and soul of a girl. Dark skinned, fragile, introvert and vulnerable, he struggles to balance his life working as a coolie in the city. Displaced by drought, poverty and addiction, humiliated and abused in a racist society, his tribe is on the run. Udalaazham, the story of a tribal transgender, discusses how color of the skin, not the depth of one’s heart is an approved identity in a ruthless and cold blooded society.

Director's Bio

Unnikrishnan Avala is a documentary filmmaker, author, teacher, and a freelance journalist. His documentaries have been well received in film festivals and won coveted awards at Kerala State level. He has authored three books, one of which was on the life and works of the renowned Malayalam filmmaker Kamal.