Programme 2018

Bodhi (Buddha)

Director: Vinit Chandrasekharan


Section: India Gold

Country: India | Year: 2018

Language(s): Marathi | Time: 100 mins


In the drought stricken eastern part of Maharashtra where close to 23,000 farmers have committed suicide since 2009, the Christian missionaries decide to sell the land which was given to the Dalits in exchange of their conversion to Christianity a couple of decades ago. Father Benedict Deddario is entrusted with this task. His biggest roadblock is the poor local Dalit leader Vinya. Besides the land tussle, Benedict is shaken by Vinya’s resistance and unwillingness to convert to Christianity. Benedict will stop at nothing to not only sell the land but also get Vinya to convert—even if that means using Vinya’s power hungry wife against him.

Director's Bio

Vinit Chandrasekharan is a director, screenwriter, and producer. He is best known for producing the Konkani art house film Juze and directing the critically acclaimed short Ajanm (2017). He has also written, produced, and directed many commercials for major Indian and international brands.